We love creating great times and memories with awesome people. Here's what some of them had to say about their tours with us.

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    July 2011 I agree totally with Jasmine. Ben is a wonderful guy, charismatic and charming! Thanks Ben for a wonderful experience on our Jasper to Banff Trip. You made the experience wonderful. We absolutely loved riding in your van. You are a courteous and responsible driver and I felt safe and secure the whole time!

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    June 2011 Once again Ben you pulled of a great weekend event for our group. Your unflappable personality to deal with all situations just makes the effort seem so effortless...well except for those two summits we climbed :-) Looking forward to the Grandfondo with you this September

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    May 2011 I wanted to personally thank you for the amazing Jasper and Banff tour this weekend. You were the perfect guide in that you were good-natured, cheery, and immensely patient. Not only did you merrily join us for the fun activities - you ensured that we made plenty of roadside stops so that we could take photos with the gorgeous backdrops. Instead of having us follow a strict schedule, you gave us the liberty to make up our own plans as we went along. I'm sure no other tour company would have been as courteous! Moreover, your transportation was of superb quality in the modern, well-equipped van, and the whole deal was surprisingly affordable. All in all, you made our trip extremely comfortable and were a wonderful friend to us. Mountain Madness Tours Rules! All the best, Sana

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    Feb 2011, BEN Just wanted to Thankyou for well executed Ski Trip to Jasper. Your punctuallity and help with ideas for site seeing made the trip more enjoyable. Thanks again.

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    January 2011 I have had the pleasure of participating in four events where Ben provided the transportation. On each occasion he demonstrated superb customer service. It was so nice to relax and let Ben do the driving, especially on long days! Ben is unflappable regardless of the challenges presented. I would highly recommend his services

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    Jan 2011, Some of the worst driving conditions I've ever seen. I never felt unsafe and felt confident with Ben's ability to get us to our destination. Accomidations Ben lined up for us were perfect. Ben met our requirnments and got us exactly what we wanted. Best snowboarding/skiing weekend getaway so far! Thanks Ben

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    November 2010 Ben took us to Penticton on yet another Edmonton Outdoor Club adventure. He drove us to the hostel, to all of the wineries and even to a nice hiking location to start the day out right. It was pretty great having a chauffeur take us to the wineries, although I'm sure Ben probably could have done without the group breaking into song after the last wineries at the end of the day.....All in all a great trip and we will do it again!

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    October 2010
    My experience with Mountain Madness Tours couldn't have been any better!
    I ran in the Canadian Death Race this year, and needed to get from Jasper to Grande Cache. I had to go meet him all the way at MY FRONT DOOR!!!! Honestly, where else can you get this service? After the event was over, Ben went out of his way to make sure I had time to go to the awards breakfast!
    Will be using this service again next year FOR SURE!

  • Diane, Curtis and Nicole's picture

    November 2010 Wow, what a great weekend! I'm back in Edmonton and truly wish I was back climbing that great mountain! A big big thanks to Ben and James (Mountain Madness Tours), you guys made the trip for us. I know it was a long day for you two, but we appreciated everything you did. From packing and repacking our gear, keeping us nourished and hydrated and just being there around that corner when we needed you. Thanks Laurie for getting us all organized, booking the rooms and dinner reservations. Ands thanks to everyone else for all you contributed. The food was great, encouragement timely given, assortment of creams and vitamins available when needed and a never ending positive spirit that kept us all going. Thankyou also for making Nicole feel so welcome as she was really feeling like a 'newbie'. She truely enjoyed her weekend. Hopefully this is a start to an annual adventure! Diane, Curtis and Nicole Jasper to Banff in a day bike tour

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    October 2010 The Edmonton Outdoor Club used Ben's services to go to Jasper for a one-day ice walk and snowshoe trip at Maligne Canyon. Great service! He picked us up at our chosen location and dropped us off. We also had the benefit of his services while we were up there, and got driven to a second site in addition to our original one. It was nice to be able to sleep both on the way up and on the way back. No problem, mate! Because it was so much fun, we're using him again this year.

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    June 2010 “FABULOUS WEEKEND EVERYONE!!! What a great experience and it was not all about the ride. When all of our riding friends hear all the wonderful stories, Ben you are going to need a Greyhound bus and a C train to pull the bikes and gear for all those who will want to join us on the next adventure. Thanks Laurie for spearheading the weekend and James and Ben for the great support. See you on the road,” Vice President David Morris Fine Cars Ltd. (Jasper to Banff in a day bike tour)

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    June 2010 My oh my ~ what a great experience! Each and everyone of you brought something unique and special to the ride, and I thank you for that. This past weekend taught me something new about my self both on and off the bike and what a rich experience it was. Thinking back to the slide show actually makes me want to cry ~ this really was a special time of my life. Thank you Ben and James (Mountain Madness Tours) for the multifaceted support, Laurie for the organizing and everyone else for being such great companions and motivators. (Cyclelogic Banff to Jasper in a day bike ride)

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