Here’s a list of clothing you should have for your next cycling tour. Weather in the Rockies can vary greatly from day to day and rain at low altitudes can mean snow or sleet at high altitudes.

In addition, rock walls tend to concentrate heat in the valleys. What can you do to prepare? Choose items that can be layered.

Shirts made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric will keep you comfortable.  Cycling jerseys with pockets on the back make it easy to carry small items you want to keep close at hand.

Chamois-lined padded cycling shorts are the most comfortable shorts to ride in. If you’re not keen on the paint-on look of lycra, go for mountain bike or commuter shorts, or – for women – cycling skorts, a combination of riding shorts under a mid-thigh length skirt. You can even get lower-priced liner cycling shorts to wear under your favourite athletic shorts or pants.

An all-weather cycling jacket that’s roomy enough to wear over a polar fleece sweater but won’t fill with air and billow in the wind is a necessity. Choose a jacket with good venting options and zippered pockets.

Arm Warmers or Light-Weight Polar Fleece Sweater
Arm warmers take little space and may offer enough protection from the cold for morning riding. A light-weight sweater is also a good option. Arm warmers or sweaters can be worn as insulating layers under your jacket if it’s cold, or alone when you need just a little something against the chill.

Pants or Leg Warmers
Long cycling pants or leg warmers take the chill off blustery weather and morning rides in the mountains.

Riding gloves with light insulation and water repellant fabric will keep your hands comfortable and protect them from road splash on chilly mornings.

Fingerless riding gloves help cushion your hands for hours of comfortable warm-weather riding. Suede palms offer protection in case you fall.

Choose glasses that are dark enough to ease the discomfort caused by glare from snow and glacier ice.

Clothing Nice-to-Have’s

  • Water-proof shoe covers
  • Very light-weight wind jacket
  • Mid-weight or heavier polar fleece sweater
  • Yellow- or clear-lensed riding glasses for low-light riding when the bugs are bad.

Required Accessories

  • 2 water bottles
  • Helmet (if bringing own bike)
  • Under-seat tool kit (if bringing own bike)

Optional Accessories

Packable camera or cell phone for quick-stop photography