We’ve been experimenting with various e-bikes over the past few years but this year (2018) we updated our small fleet of e-bikes with a couple of super reliable and comfy Scott e-sub Tour Electric assist bikes.

With comfortable geometry, and ePowered by Bosch with a 400wh battery, the E-SUB Tour is the ideal commuter / touring bike.

We tested this bike on a couple of tours this season and it performed wonderfully. The batteries last about 100km on the eco setting and we have spare batteries that fit in the rear mounted rack meaning there’s plenty of battery power to get you through a long day in the mountains on any of the 5 power assist settings that are available from eco mode right up to Turbo.

These bikes open up our tours to anyone with an adventurous spirit wanting to experience the Rockies at the right pace by bike but worried about the daily distances and elevation changes. Whether you’re looking for a boost up the hills or just want to keep up with your speedy partner these bikes will help you out. They are available at the same price as our usual rental bikes as an optional add on to our Jasper to Banff cycling tours or at the same daily rate here in Edmonton if you’d like to try them out on the river valley trails.