Our Bikes

Thinking of joining one of our Jasper to Banff cycling tours and not keen on transporting your bike with you?  

Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your current bike or worried about making the distance and want to try an e-bike instead. 

Let us take the hassle out of your holiday with one of our quality road or E-bikes by adding a rental bike to your tour booking.

See below for more info on our rental bike fleet.

Why did we choose a gravel bike with slicks for our rental bikes in 2022?

Great question. It’s a change we’ve pondered over for a number of years as we watched many of our guests on our tours struggle to learn how to properly shift gears on a regular road bike. Whilst many people who join our tours are familiar with road bike gearing, for an equal amount of people our tour is their first introduction to a road bike. With changes in the bike industry now making these 1x lightweight gravel bikes available that look like a road bike, can be installed with slick tubeless road tires and have a more user friendly geometry, we thought 2022 would finally be the year we give these bikes a go. The single sprocket on the front means you only have 1 gear shifter to worry about. You’ll be able to spend more time checking out the view and less time learning how to select the correct gear for the various elevation changes you’ll experience on the tour. 

Don’t worry, if you’re a die hard roadie with a fancy carbon road bike, or just attached to your own pride and joy, you’re always welcome to bring your own bike on our tours. We understand your love of your own bike whichever kind it is, and are happy to have you and your bike along. We’ve got a custom enclosed bike trailer to transport your pride and joy, and we’ll promise to look after it as if it’s our own. 

If you’d prefer to travel light and rent one of our bikes, see below for your options in 2022. 

2022 Kona Libre Gravel Bike (with slick tires) 

50 (4ft 10 – 5ft 3)
52 (5ft 3 – 5ft 7)
54 (5ft 8 – 5ft 11)
56 (5ft 10 – 6ft 1)
58 (6ft 1 – 6ft 5)

Frame:  Kona Butted 6061 aluminum, Sram GXP 68mm bottom bracket

Weight: 11kg (inc. 3 bottle cages, gps mount and bell)

Drive Train: Sram apex

Chain Ring: 40t X-Sync

Free Wheel: SRAM PG1130 11-42t 11spd

Brakes: TRP HDC711C Mechanical / Hydraulic, with 160mm diameter rotors.

Fork: Kona Verso Full Carbon Flat Mount Disc

Wheel Set:
Maxxis Re-Fuse Tubeless 700x40c Slicks. 

We also carry e-bikes!

These bikes are electric pedal assist and run silently. You still get to pedal, but the electric motor in the crank adds a bit of oomph to your effort, making the hills between Jasper and Banff that much easier.

Are you keen to join one of our tours with a friend, spouse or partner, but they are worried about keeping up or making the distance? They’ll easily be able to ride alongside you on the e-bike. Instead of telling your friend or partner how great the trip was when you get home you’ll now be able to enjoy the experience together.

You never know, it might just be riding an E-Bike on one of our tours that gets them back in the saddle when they return to town.

Check out our new fleet of Specialized Como 3.0 E-bikes for 2021

With a comfortable geometry, a sleek, stylish design, and the Como 3.0’s exclusive, award-winning technology, you’ll get an extra jolt of power that’ll make riding just as fun as it is functional.

For all the specs on these bikes click here.


What’s Included With Your Rental Bike

Rental bikes will come complete with spare tube, tire levers, Co2 cartridge and inflator, flat pedals and pump. Helmets are available for rent although if you have your own we would encourage you to bring it. If you would prefer to have quick release pedals, please bring your own pedals and shoes. We will happily install these upon pick up.

What's Included