Although the majority of our tour customers prefer to ride between Jasper and Banff on a regular road bike we realize that the distance between Jasper and Banff and the elevation changes can be daunting to some. There’s definately a bit if a stigma out there in the cycling community regarding E-Bikes but we thought we’d share a few reasons why think that for some people it’s the most awesome thing ever!
1. Your partner is keen to join a tour and would love for you to join with them but you know you’ll be different speeds and won’t be able to ride together. An E-bike is a fantastic equalizer and it will be equally as enjoyable for the partner on the regular bike to be zipping along at their regular pace with their partner right beside them, experiencing the rockies at the right pace together.
2. You are comfortable riding a certain distance but a 100km per day for a few days in a row with some hill climbs thrown in the mix seems a bit too much. With an E-Bike you can choose how much assistance the bike provides to your own pedal power, allowing you to pedal more on the flatter sections and flatten out the climbs, extending how far you are able to ride in a day.
3. You are active, fit and strong although a past injury or health concern limits you in some way. I’ve witnessed this first hand with my 67 year old Dad when he visited from Australia for a Custom 9 day Jasper to Banff bike tour during 2016. He’s amazingly active, cycling, walking, kayaking, playing tennis, table tennis and golf almost every day since he retired from work. Unfortunately due to all this activity his old creaky knee joints give him grief, and although he’s fit enough to pedal all day, the added pressure on his knee joints would of ended the tour for him way too early. By switching between the regular road bike and the E-bike at various points during the 9 day tour he was able to ride the whole distance and keep up with everyone.
I believe every person we can get out of a car or bus and onto a bike to experience nature at the right pace is a win. You never know, the E-bike experience might just be the motivation for a lifestyle change for the better and you’ll be on a regular road bike next time.