We came across an amazing Calgary born website called 10Adventures earlier this year and found it to be an amazing source of information for great outdoor activities and locations around the world and right here in the Canadian Rockies in our own beautiful backyard.

From their main web site you can access a huge amount of information covering specific areas of fun such as Road Cycling, City Walks, Climbing, Ski Touring and Mountain Biking to name a few. 

We were stoked to have one of their writers, Zac from Boulder Colorado join us on tour this year.

See below for some links to read about Zac’s experience with us on the road, experiencing the Rockies at the right pace by bike.

This first link is the intro
With the 4 riding days split into 4 different articles listed below.
Hope you enjoy the read and some pics from that tour below. Click on the pic to get a larger version.